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Established 1977

40th Year Celebration Statement:

Matthew Carlton

“We are proud to be celebrating our 40th year in business making us one of the longest established independent estate agencies in Moseley. We are able to use our reputation, experience and longevity to bring the best service to our clients. Never wanting to become complacent, we are constantly reviewing our service levels and general methods to ensure we deliver the best in our ever changing world. We are excited about the direction our area of operation is heading, and want to remain as an integral part of the area’s future as we have already done in its last 40 years’ history.”

Matthew Carlton May 2017

Flashback to 1977

As Birmingham’s nightclubs were booming to the sound of the relatively new sound of Disco and the fashion in the streets was dominated by flairs, Robert Aston was setting out to establish an estate agency business in Moseley that would live beyond his own retirement. House prices are often commented on in today’s media, but what were the typical house prices back then?

The National Average UK House Price was £12,409 at the start of 1977 and had increased to £13,150 by the end of 1977. Just a few years later by the end of 1980 prices had almost doubled to £23,497!* An average family car would cost you that today!

*Source Nationwide House Price Index (Nominal House Prices).

"Thank you very much for all your assistance Louise. It has been a very smooth process and I have been very grateful to be with you and Matthew for this tenant move. We have had endless poor experience with agents with the other property we own elsewhere. There has been no comparison!"
Miss R