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Marketing Your Home

We understand that each property is different and vendors’ needs will be equally as variable. However, for most sales some common advice will assist in gaining a favourable sale:

  • Take time to prepare your home and gardens so that they are presented at their best. Simple things such freshly cut flowers can really add to the appeal of your home.
  • Pay particular attention to de-cluttering and general maintenance. That small damp stain on the bedroom ceiling that has already lead to a roof repair will be perceived as a much bigger issue than the simply touch up painting that is really required to complete the job, as well as knocking their confidence in the overall maintenance of the home.
  • If you are home at the same time allow the agent to conduct any viewings, as viewers are more likely to give frank and honest feedback to the agent rather than risk causing offence! You can be around at the end to answer any detailed questions the viewer may have. Try and be as flexible and accommodating with viewing times as possible to avoid buyers going elsewhere. We are always pleased to conduct accompanied viewings with keys to save inconvenience to you while you are out, and this will also to encourage more honest feedback.
  • Do take feedback on board. If the same issue keeps cropping up then it would be wise to do something about it.
  • If you are selling a leasehold flat take time to gather all the information together that buyers will need to make an informed decision. This will include items such as annual service charge and ground rent amount, length of lease, what is included in the service charge etc. If your lease is short we will advise you of the implications and it is likely you will need to approach the freeholders to enquire how much a lease extension will cost. As responses to this request are not always prompt it is best to get on with this straightaway to avoid any delays in negotiating an offer.
  • We will produce sales particulars and advertise your property in our prominent office and on two of the UK’s largest portals: and This marketing exposure will rely on a good set of photographs of your home. We will be more than happy to re-schedule the taking of photographs, or initially take temporary ones, and return when the sun is shining or when that important room has been cleared!

Negotiating the best offer for you

One of the key skills of any estate agent is the ability to negotiate. As offers start to be made on your property we will carefully and skilfully harness that interest in a way that achieves the best price for you. Sometimes this will involve working with just one offer, and at other times you may be lucky enough to receive multiple offers, the careful treatment of which will be crucial to ensure the right buyer is selected. You can be rest assured that your buyer will be appropriately vetted as we always make diligent checks with any buyer who’s offer is accepted to ensure that they are in a proceedable position, as well as to understand the basis on which they are purchasing.

Progressing the sale – always keeping you informed

Once an offer has been accepted only part of our work has been done. The process between offer acceptance and completion of the sale can often be the most stressful. We care about our clients and want to ensure that this stress is kept to the minimum within the boundaries of what we are able to influence. In the first instance, we can put you in touch with an experienced local solicitor if you require, one that we have worked closely with over time and have a good communication link with. Once the sale has been confirmed we will contact you as often as you like to keep you informed of developments as listed below:

The conveyancing process in a nutshell

Once a sale is agreed there is much for the buyer’s and seller’s solicitors to do. In very simple terms:

Starting the process

The process typically takes on average around 12 weeks depending on the circumstances but can vary. However long it takes, we are keen to assist with making the transaction as smooth as possible so do not hesitate to contact us as often as you like if you require any assistance or updates. Your solicitor will issue a draft contract and other forms (such as the property information form and fixtures, fittings and contents form) to the buyer’s solicitor. We can assist to some extent with the filling in of some of these forms if you do not occupy the property and live at a distance.

What does the buyer’s solicitor do?

In the meantime the buyer’s solicitor will arrange searches typically of the local authority and local water authority as well as raise enquiries with your solicitor in relation to the title documents and other relevant information relating to the property.

What about the buyer’s finance?

If your buyer requires a mortgage (the majority of buyers do) an application to their lender will be submitted, processed, a mortgage valuation survey (or more in depth Homebuyer’s or Building Survey if the buyer requires) carried out and then a formal mortgage offer issued. Sometimes surveyors may also recommend further specialist reports (such as timber and damp, electrical etc.) depending upon their findings. There is no need to feel uneasy if any identified defects lead to a re-negotiation of the price. We will be able to advise on what is reasonable to suit your needs bearing in mind the nature of the defects and overall strength of the market.

When do we become legally committed?

Once all the paperwork is completed and both buyer and seller are happy, the solicitors exchange contracts and the deposit is transferred from the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor. This is the point at which the sale becomes legally binding on both parties, often a great relief for all.

Completion of the sale

The balance of the monies are paid from the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor. Once they confirm receipt of this to us (usually towards the middle of the day) you are officially no longer the legal owner and we can release keys to the buyer! If you are buying elsewhere we hope that you will be very happy in your new home!

"Just to say thank you so much for your support, patience and guidance with the house move."
Mr and Mrs L