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Referral Fees
A referral fee is any commission, payment, fee, or other reward we receive from other companies in return for recommending their services to you. We believe you should know how much we stand to receive each time we make a referral and whether these companies are connected to us. This way, you can make an informed decision whether to use them or use a company of your own choice.

Service Company Declaration Connection to Robert Aston & Company Referral Fee
Other Estate Agents Various We may enter into a sub-agency relationship
with other estate agents where we consider
it is in your best interests.
None We do not receive a referral fee but we may
enter into split commission arrangements of up
to half our fees where we do this

All our recommended service providers are carefully selected to improve the services we offer to you. The referral fees shown are per referral and do not affect the final amount you pay to the service provider. All referral fees are separate from your obligation to pay our own fees or commission.

"Thank you very much for all your assistance Louise. It has been a very smooth process and I have been very grateful to be with you and Matthew for this tenant move. We have had endless poor experience with agents with the other property we own elsewhere. There has been no comparison!"
Miss R